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Chiu is a moving and transportation services company, Tianjin City, depending on the quality of service of life moving units, mainly engaged in residents moving company moving, plant relocation of warehouses, a long-distance move, piano moving, furniture disassembly and Assembly, move the air conditioning machines, bulk goods handling, domestic service as one unit. Xin Cheng has been follow the concept of customer first, reputation first, on items in the moving services and housekeeping services to achieve customer satisfaction, rest assured that peace of mind. Years seeks to development, in Tianjin moved, and Tianjin moved company, and Tianjin moved company phone, and Tianjin moved company price, and Tianjin moved factory, and Tianjin moved factory company, and Tianjin long-distance moved, and Tianjin long-distance moved company, and Tianjin moved company which good market competition in the constantly to increased professional technology content and service range, and including disassembly high-end furniture and the type of air conditioning; we of job personnel business quality also in constantly improve, while strictly perform not sucking customer smoke and the damaged items is responsible for compensation of principles, to quality of service, and Reasonable price to win the trust and cooperation of many customers. Company up and down together, solidarity, can be called on to be a truly moving and transportation mainstay. In our eyes, to be recognized by customers, is the trust of their clients, all attentive service, good faith is your best choice!

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