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Summer move to pay attention to where

    summer is coming up soon, and would like to than not under the hot summer if moving in the summer, although just a moving company to send someone to help move well, even if the moving company prices high points doesn't matter. Is, after all, under the scorching sun all possessions are packed up and moved to a new home, also will house the new layout! Meet storm thunderstorm, it really is depressing enough. So summer moves you must remember these moves and lightning tips line.

    first, before moving to monitor the weather forecast for broadcast media, and moving them around the time of the company, trying to avoid thunderstorms when it comes to moving. In General, television weather reports are very accurate, just look, you can understand the situation in advance, Qingdao more thunderstorms at this time, but also need to be aware, summer move in other regions should be treated with caution.

    second, the thunderstorm storm coming when moving can stay through the following places are not appropriate for:

    (1), small lightning-free facilities near the buildings, garages, carports;

    (2), iron fences, metal clotheslines, overhead metal body and near railway tracks;

    (3), isolated tree or chimney. If you happen to have heavy rain moving process, Thunder and lightning, the first task was to find places to lightning.

    third, home computers, color TV sets, stereos, DVD players and other electronic equipment not near an outside wall. So, lightning protection is also very important.

    the forth, moving staff try not to go out at 11 o'clock in the morning until 3 o'clock in the afternoon the high temperature period; to take precaution when going out, carry sunstroke prevention medicines such as Dan, ten drops; light-oriented diet, eating more fruit, supplemented with water; plenty of rest, don't burn the midnight oil so as not to reduce the body's resistance.

    fifth, site staff well in advance of awnings to prevent inflammable materials in the Sun.

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