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After moving air conditioning should also pay attention to Feng Shui

    for air conditioning, many people think doesn't matter, as long as the rich can afford, affordable, you can, and you know what? it's not air conditioning and our home, Feng Shui is about, so how moving air conditioning after the Feng Shui is about it?

    first of all, should pay attention to is that air conditioning air outlet and doors do not, why? if air conditioning is directly across the Hall, they violated Feng Shui "Tibetan wind Ki" principle, not only Moss, there will be relief money worries, not get popularity said, so bad, so we want to avoid.

    there is air conditioning not blowing table, air conditioning often adsorbed on a lot of dust, blowing air conditioning in dining room tables, dust very easily with the wind blowing in the food, it is easy to get meals on the table getting cold, unsanitary, unhealthy eating, but will also undermine the aura of the restaurant.

    there is a air conditioning air outlet cannot be direct human, air conditioning, not directly on the stove, it is best not to use second-hand air conditioner. In fact, the truth is the same, there is no set, for our health, our diet is going to have an impact, so, pay attention to air conditioning in Feng Shui, just for ourselves.

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