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After the move clever layout makes the living room more spacious

    living room is the place where, because of other spaces such as a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, balcony and so on all have functional limitations, and daily needs, in Hangzhou after moving home there are many things that can only be placed in the living room. And the living room space and does it have? How do workers in cramped housing space, small living room for maximum effect, Qingdao moving company the following reference:

    1. modelling in a straight line. Interior design is the origin and development of architecture should be for current House majority in a straight line, so in interior design in order to seek their unity and coordination, using the straight line as a design symbol.

    2. appropriate embellishment. Use brains, not just for the sake cheap furniture large numbers of objects, do not buy too many occasional ornament, occasional spaces of white space can bring out the atmosphere.

    3. separated the new mode. Proper use of decorative fabric, which can create a warm home space and replaced according to the trend at that time. For example, since the ceiling hanging fabric, not only separate spaces, or you can pull the cloth when not in use and development of space.

    4. living room multi purpose. Hangzhou move recommended in the corner of the living room in a simple table and chairs creating a work space, and screens to keep out desks and chairs.

    5. simple handling at the top of the room. Can strengthen the style of the room ceiling is a means of decoration. Now we all know not to do complex ceiling in my house, even without ceiling, best selection of white on the top, so that people can ignore the roof are derived visually.

    6. old things new. Original household items and sometimes a little dressed up, or add some accessories, and produces a new look. Now for example old furniture d├ęcor set a color or add a piece of new cloth and so on, and can be integrated and new home.

    tonal unity, dominated by light. Color plays a major role in the space, especially for small spaces, early vision under cramped conditions, choice of wall color is very important. Furniture choose a light tone, transparent or smaller products. For example, can choose only the cushions and the sofa cushions, armless design look lightweight.

    7. keep it simple. Acquisition of storage cabinets, make the space more storage features, visually see what debris.

    8. controlled large furniture. Cut back on the large wine cabinets, TV cabinets, so simplistic space segmentation. If the furniture is needed, is placed in the corner as well. Especially selection of sofa to be careful, a little inattentive will take up half the living room.

    9. living room dining room half-open. Knock down walls (non-load-bearing wall), storage cabinets with storage function to separate the space.

    10. using three-dimensional space. Boards nailed to the wall surface, incorporating things such as CD.

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