Moving knowledge

Company is not simple, black movers have those characteristics

    company not as trouble as our family moved and don't need our pots and pans, and saves us a lot of trouble, but Qingdao anshun moving company moving is not easy Ah! There are many issues to consider moving in the company.

    also a lot of preparation for this company moved further: relocation of the company's license changes, notification of release, inform all employees to the new Office of the seat and the new extension number.

    buy new furniture, old furniture, out of some old furniture, it may be necessary to the secondary market, according to the design drawings of all old and new furniture in advance concrete placement, removal, transportation and installation of office furniture. Office furniture: according to decorating compartments in the drawings and seating layout as well as the budget decides what kind of furniture for the new Office of the company.

    company is different from ordinary residents to move, we need to consider more complex issues, such as before without a move, you should first consider what. New offices surrounding a deep understanding: understanding the new Office environment.

    looking for Office space: needs a lot of Office Space Agency and Office sales people. Go through looking for buildings, building, negotiation, contract, property, and several steps. Inform the staff in advance Note: includes traffic, bus route services such as restaurants, banks or in places of entertainment distribution.

    also has a lot of follow-up work after moving to do it! Such as telephone, Internet system we need smooth transition, cleaning, security, landscaping, are inevitable.

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