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Careful moving company on it when

    in the moving industry, many moving companies prices are driving more than scheduled. Their reason is the carriage of goods not pressure, is flat. In the view of many people in moving so much, in fact, there are some things you can pile on. But since moving companies want you to move more, using such tactics.

    common sense that any ordinary company has its own code of conduct, rather than deceptive, after all, is not through a variety of consumer complaints, reports and so on, can still put pressure on companies. What about how customers will be taken, in fact, the most important is the chiyabakui. Moving company to some companies only now doing immoral things, in our industry's perspective, is set up a moving traps, now we talk about one:

    on not moving company "fit" when

    before they moved most of the moving company in Qingdao will ask for details of the move, some companies offer corresponding low, and stressed how much money train. When you move, they don't stack, and flat, to achieve the objective of trips for you. When customers ask why not heap code often say is required, ensure not crush, your customers can put pressure on your own oppression, and many customers have moved half of cases often go, let moving companies succeed.

    appropriate goods code is in fact a lot of industry practices, such as sofa piled up on the television, in the city that is not a problem on the road. Moving companies take this move, you do not agree to this, you know he's halfway to get bad for you but don't want to pay. Encounter such a situation, customers still want to act accordingly.

    on how to avoid this trap:

    1. enquiry on whether allowing stacking;

    2. or let moving companies before moving to the door to see whether a car loaded, cannot give up. Because the door is not to spend money, but let the moving vehicle when you are not moving, it takes cost of idle running.

    moving companies use these small tricks, actually knew a little about can avoid bait.

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