Moving knowledge

Computers and printers to move to to move

    1. computer when you move if you left your computer when you purchased a dedicated box and maintaining data use. If not, use foam block installed, add extra insulation in sturdy box (such as styrofoam, rugs, crinkle paper, etc) on all sides of the box marked "fragile items--computer". This avoids unnecessary trouble.

    2. printer when moving medicine when buying printer printer in the box, if the boxes are gone then can be packed in accordance with packing method of computer. Palettes and trays from the laser inkjet printer off, then insert needle with a piece of paper the printer pressing drum.

    3. copiers Copier maintenance companies to notify best when moving, let him to assist in handling or handling, you should pay attention to the technical aspects of the matters and recommendations.

    4. must have all their documents in a floppy disk or zip file, do not put the floppy disk in a box truck. Myself to carry these things to avoid truck met with heat or cold destroy it if you have to pack the shipment, to ensure that the magnetic field may occur away from the television, stereo and other electrical appliances.

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