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After moving the refrigerator use considerations

    ① health food store

   , raw and cooked food in the refrigerator should be separated from cooked foods should be stored in covered container to avoid cross infection of bacteria.

    II refrigerator food should not be stored after the thaw

    thaw meats and fish should not be stored in the refrigerator again because thaw foods may be contaminated in the process, microorganisms multiply rapidly.

    ③ frozen food heated before eating

    is a cold dish or a hot dish, after after mixing, saliva mixed with chopsticks, microorganisms multiply rapidly in the warm dish, store in a refrigerator must burn through consumption of the food to kill the pathogens that may be contaminated with, preventing the mouth.

    II vegetable store

    buy vegetables and fruits come, often with dirt and mud, which can contain a large number of micro-organisms, easily contaminated other foods in the refrigerator, causing cross contamination. Therefore, vegetables and fruit should be clean, dry water with a clean, fresh-keeping bag, cover with plastic wrap, or place in sealed containers, they are isolated from each other and wiped clean before you put them into the refrigerator. Packaged food in the refrigerator.

    II meat store

    frozen meat without washing, cartridge is placed directly in the refrigerator cold; while the common meat to take clean, cut blocks for meals or wire, slices, packed separately in cold boxes or freezer bags sealed in, do not eat the food in the freezer for a long time, to eat the next day on the freezer bottom. Meat is not repeated by vitrification, or great food value losses.

    ⑥ harmful plastic wrap

    of polyvinyl chloride made from plastic wrap and after a long time of the package, the fats in the food of plasticizers in easy wrap "ammonia" dissolving the plasticizers had damaging effects on human endocrine system, can disrupt the body's hormones. So buying a home cooked food should tear film, or when a cover wrap, try not too full of food to prevent food come into contact with plastic wrap.

    sadly, refrigerator also needs to breathe and disinfection

    the refrigerator should not be loaded enters, there should be adequate space to facilitate cold air penetrating all product. In addition, the refrigerator to be disinfected on a regular basis. 3-4 0.1% potassium permanganate in water or wipe with diluted bleach water once, while cleaning the refrigerator on a regular basis, including all layers, in particular filter, here are often places of accumulation of dirt and germs.

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