Device migration

    equipment of the migration of various machinery and equipment installation and removal should be in strict accordance with its factory specifications and preparation of special installation and removal scheme. &Nbsp;   machinery and equipment prior to the migration, routes should be identified on the bridge, culvert top clearance and the bearing capacity of roads and bridges. Through bridges should be used in low gear to go slow, no steering or braking on the deck. Load capacity not enough bridges, strengthening measures must be planned.

    machinery and equipment must be installed on a flat, solid ground, soft ground must first consolidate and padded base wood and wood. Jobs on the rig rigs, rig chassis connected to the bench to be reliable.

    machinery and equipment must have a solid, week level. Rotary drilling rig Rotary Centers, impact (flushes) drilling drill tower crane pulley groove edge of the plumb-line should be aligned holes, the deviation shall not be greater than the design allowable values (10~15mm).

    must be in a kind of transmission parts (tomorrow, gears, wheels, belts and pressure wheel) external mounting firmly to the protective railings or protective cover, wire rope must be added for pressure wheel protective cover.

    laying in bed (platforms) on the plank thickness shall not be less than 50mm; when laying using steel plate, steel plate anti-slip measures.

    tower ladder, worktable and protective railings must have a solid, reliable, protective railings NET height shall be not less than 1.2m. pulley wheels must be used with days casting, wheel crane bezel. Must be fitted with wire rope hoist limit switches and prevent the wire rope safety shield of a job change.

    Tower shall be installed at the bottom of overhead transmission lines, Tower erected (installation) or drop (remove), the outside edge of overhead transmission lines must maintain a safe distance between the edges of, and in accordance with this procedure 2nd. 0.16 and 4th. provisions of 0.17.

    installation, demolition and relocation when the Tower must be subjected to (shift) or unified command of technicians and workers throwing tools and articles is strictly prohibited, forbidden Tower Tower while on the job, is strictly prohibited in the tower or a high location storage access tools and objects. Up or down when the tower as a whole, construction workers should leave the Tower fell down range.

    equipment on migrations, workers should check for and remove obstructions on the way, must be someone to take care of the cable,

    prevents rolling losses. Unrelated persons should be evacuated to safe areas.

    tracks, drum moving platforms, operators should check track, pulleys, rollers, rope, Outrigger cylinder safety, should move to a smooth, uniform, to prevent dumping.

    truck-mounted rig shift, down, removal of the mast cables, hoses, drill in place immediately with a triangular wedge of wood wheels, and guarantees on legs is located at the base of the wood.

    car shipping machinery equipment, stand tied to objects, loading and unloading should be under the command of experienced people. Against overload loads. Springboard used to human handling car must have sufficient strength, and equipped with anti-slip isolated barrier, the slope shall not be greater than 20 degrees centigrade, ground end of slide prevention measures.

    impact drill, impact grab cone triangle or A bracket mounting height shall not be less than 7.5M, angle of not less than 75 degrees between the two legs, legs to the end of fixed, installed flat handle, a safety factor of not less than 5, the wire rope safety factor of not less than 6. m


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