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Charge standard
Charge standard

first, starting at 200 Yuan/

Second, the floors: walking plus 10 floors per layer from top to bottom.

three furniture Assembly and disassembly: 30 yuan/door, dismantle air conditioners from 150 Yuan, plus 10 Yuan 300 yuan from up and down the piano

four, delay time: caused by client side of vehicle and handling personnel not working late hours, extra 200 yuan per hour.

five empty charge: vehicle in place, when you cancel a car for any reason, charge some empty 100 Yuan.

six, labor cost: just when employing industry, by four workers, 200/1 hour (transportation distance of not more than 30 m, the floor not more than six storeys or another truck on the normal rate to fall 10%.

seven, lifting device lifting separately negotiable (scene)

eight, above charge standard according to different situations appropriate concessions.

Note: without providing other professional assignments and unconventional operations. Reminder: valuables, gold and silver jewelry, cash, fragile items, such as customer care beyond the scope of handling

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