Moving is disturbing

    January 18 3:50 points, cold, moved company of truck launched, launched 3 times only points fire, voice big of can outgoing 100 meters, zhihou is hot car, launched with stopped in place full 3 minutes, only left. we family are was wake, children was surprised cry has, finally, put children coax of not cry has, 4:15 and a car moved company of truck launched---hot car 3 minutes----left, children and cry has, good has, My whole family slept ... ... ... 365 days a year, every day. in order to take a few less steps, disturbing-------unscrupulous moving companies for up to 6 years, unscrupulous boss!!!

    near several building of owners countless times to property reflect this thing, light I a people on reflect has 10 times, property each are said: "has approach has, on fast solution has..." can 6 years has, is see not to has any of change, all day on know door received property fee, parking fee. on know received money, not for owners solution facts

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