Night moves

    moving company to move 30 1 is busy moving roads at night, the limit line is the main reason

    "nearly 30 clients moving there 1 night move. "Nanjing million move, Ltd Manager Wang gang said that by 2000, provincial capital almost did not choose to move at night, but after 2000, especially in the past few years, moving gradually increased in the evening.

    Wang gang said many owners night move are forced to do so. Some owners lived in the time period limit line near the road, moving company cars could not enter during the day. "People living near quancheng road, spring City Road is limited time. If a customer called this afternoon to move from the neighborhood, that can wait until the evening. ”

    in addition, some owners are busy, is also one of the reasons they chose to move in the evening. Such as furniture in the House, wanted to call a friend to help, so many people time to happen during the day, many owners had to choose to move at night.

    residential property owners even moved early this morning in the night does not oppose but sorry landlords pass

    "2 o'clock in the morning I moved, see don't be afraid! "This is Shanghai garden owners," Zhang Haiyan "made a post on the forums in the community. The owners moved at night caused a heated debate on the Internet. It was surprised, some think it is superstition. The owner explained, select move early this morning was "a longing for a better life and hope for the future."

    Shanghai garden property customer service personnel, owners have just a few years ago when there owners move at night. However, this was not the case a few years, because community private cars, the moving company is difficult to access.

    "sometimes because the night move will make unhappy. "Celebrity residences residential property also introduced moving will generate noise, moving at night be offensive to the neighbors. Property to oppose, but it is better to coordinate with your neighbors.

    generally do not live after 9 o'clock some moves moving company is afraid

    although the owner has the option to move at night, but more than 9 o'clock in the evening, many moving companies will not live. Why? It turns out that some people choose to move at night, because disputes have taken place and the landlord; or the couple divorce, decides to secretly move. Moving companies can be reluctant to get involved in the trouble.

    "move at night sometimes get into trouble. "Moving company customer service, said plenty of tenant and landlord disputes, while the owners do not pay attention to secretly move away at night: some couples divorcing to move, the moving company went after the car had been withholding. Afraid of delaying your own business, so not rejoined the company after 9 o'clock in the evening.

    moving company move may even encounter a thief at night. Wang gang told such a thing to move network reporter in China: around 1995, one night a little after 10 o'clock, liuzhuang meadow near a merchant called move, moved by what is a head room of auto parts. Wang felt strange, no promises. A few days after gang learned from the newspapers: the merchants auto parts was stolen! Wang gang understood, that requirement is not the owner of the moving parts, but the thief, when thieves rented a moving company car, pull auto parts.


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